Tips for an Easy Move into a New Home

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The time has come for you to pack up your house and begin the process of moving into a new home. Whether the impetus for the move is a new job opportunity, a better financial situation, or something else entirely, everyone who has moved before knows that it’s a daunting and time-consuming process at best. While the experience of leaving your old house to begin life in a new one can be exciting, it can also be challenging. To streamline the process and ensure your move is as simple as possible, we recommend following these tips.

Tip 1: Avoid Procrastination

A famous quip says you should “never do today what can be put off until tomorrow.” In the case of moving, this advice is exactly the opposite of the strategy you should follow. Waiting until the last minute to start moving out of your house can be nightmarish. In a rush to meet your deadlines, you will be liable to forget things and throw things out that you didn’t want to get rid of. The best thing that you can do to move more easily is to prepare early—maybe even as soon as you know that you will be moving! Get the drop on the process by thinking about the items you need to dispose of and those you wish to keep. Consider putting things that you don’t want in a donation bin or selling them. It is easier to move if you have less to pack! As for the items you will bring with you, begin packing early, but make sure that you pack the items first which you need the least. That way, you will not pack something up weeks in advance that you need to unearth again later.

Tip 2: Prepare by Having the Right Equipment

Nothing is more annoying than attempting to pack everything up hastily only to find out that you don’t have enough boxes or storage containers. Another scenario is discovering your current furniture doesn’t fit into your new home. Just imagine you are lifting a heavy couch with the movers, and you cannot figure out a way to fit it through any of your new home’s doors! To avoid irritating scenarios like this, preparation is key. When you are faced with the task of moving out of an old home and into a new home, you need to ensure that you are adequately supplied. Having a healthy supply of boxes of different sizes, plastic containers, and bags will ensure that you have a place to store all of your possessions during the move, regardless of how big or small that they are. When you are moving huge items, like furniture or washing machines, you need to make sure that you take measurements of the home’s entryways to determine the best entry point. All in all, it would be a serious mistake to fail to prepare for the move since a lack of storage space may force you to part ways with things you actually wanted to keep.

Tip 3: Pack Smartly

A number of strategies for packing can significantly alleviate the difficulty of moving into a new home. One method for packing smartly is to think critically about what you can pass on packing and simply get rid of, either by selling, donating, or throwing away. For example, if you intend to upgrade something and buy a newer model, it may be wise to do it after your move and get rid of the old model instead of spending valuable moving space packing the obsolete item. During the actual move, it is always good to know how to pack your possessions. Put your heaviest items into smaller boxes. If you put a bunch of gargantuan books into one massive box, the end result will be an insurmountably heavy box which is difficult to transport. Smaller boxes for heavy items also make it easier to navigate staircases during the move-in. Heavy items are not the only possessions that you need to pay special attention to, however. Fragile items are just as important, and the result of throwing them into the wrong box could be a prized possession broken into a million different pieces! To avoid a mishap like this, labelling your boxes is really useful—that way you can easily keep your things organized and ensure that fragile items are accounted for with special safety provisions, such as bubble wrap, foam, or packing paper.


Moving can be a scary process, but it does not have to be! A new housing environment can bring tons of new opportunities, new friends, and great changes to your quality of living. Your first impression of the house, though, can easily be marred by a rocky move-in. People who move homes are often besieged by problems which are avoidable, such as rushing to meet deadlines, failing to account for all the supplies needed, and placing items in wrong locations which cause them to break. These tips can make your transition out of an old house and into a new one as seamless as possible and ensure that you get your new beginning off to a great start!

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