Why GRI? NC REALTOR® Joe Cannon shares his story

Did you know, REALTORS® with a designation earn over $27,600 more annually than non-designees. NC REALTOR® Joe Cannon of TE Johnson & Sons, Inc. shares how obtaining his GRI has impacted his career:

How does the GRI designation benefit you in your career and day to day business?
As a property manager I work in a field that relies on referrals. It is my opinion that having this designation sets me apart from my competitors. When given the choice on who to refer their business to, that GRI after my name is an immediate validation of my commitment to the REALTOR® Association and I believe it has definitely lead to closed business based solely on the optics of the acronym itself. This is especially true when the referring party is out of state and has nothing to go on except for my marketing material.

What have you found to be the most useful information from the GRI program?
Mastering real estate negations and understanding the DISC Behavior Profile was invaluable. With that said, the elective course on investment property was a very solid course and I use that information on a daily basis when speaking with potential clients as well as current clients who wish to invest in new rental property.

What motivated you to obtain your GRI designation?
I’ve always been a competitive person, as are many in the field of real estate. Anything I can do to help win a competitive edge is worth it. This is not an overnight game and the things we do to better ourselves create exponential returns for us over time.

What have you been able to achieve since obtaining your GRI designation?
I have gotten more involved in my local association through committees, boards and various other forms of service. I can’t exactly say that’s due to my designation however, since obtaining it my involvement not only through volunteering but also being asked to serve has grown. Professionally I have closed hundreds of contracts. Although no empirical evidence leads back to the GRI the confidence it has created has almost definitely pushed me forward professionally.

Why should other NC REALTORS® complete the GRI program?
This is a question I’m asked often and I put it like this, “They say people with the GRI designation make on average 30% more than other REALTORS® that don’t have it. Have I seen a 30% increase in pay? No, but you never know what will happen. One day I may be asked to apply to be a BIC and the only distinction between me and someone else is my GRI. In that case, this designation may make the difference on whether or not I’m hired. In that one hypothetical instance my GRI paid for itself.

There is really no excuse for not getting all the education you can about your particular field. As REALTORS® it is our duty to stay not just up to date with CE but to pursue all avenues of education we can. We must set the example for our industry. Obtaining a GRI is proof positive of a want to grow as a REALTOR® thus making it easy to spot the brokers that are amped about making a difference.


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