Your First Solo Apartment

So you’ve moved out on your own. Whether you’re in an apartment, townhome or even a house, living by yourself for the first time can be exciting, nerve-wracking and intimidating all at once. Aside from double checking your packing list, be sure to keep reading for some tips on how to turn your first apartment into your new home.


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Get ready for quiet

Especially if you’ve just graduated from college, you’re probably used to people being around at all points in time. Roommates, housemates, classmates, people were everywhere in college. But now that you’ve got your own space, all of that company is now gone. And the silence can seem even more overwhelming than the noise of being surrounded by others 24 hours a day. Expect that it may feel lonely at times, and get a speaker to play music or turn on the TV if the quiet is unsettling. Sometimes even white noise can make a place feel less lonely.


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Get ready to clean

For the first time, there’s no dorm housekeeping, there’s no roommate to split the chores with and no one to blame when the dishes don’t get done. Consult seasoned cleaning pros like mom or dad, and stock up on all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need for each room in your apartment. Then take one hour on Saturday morning to do a quick clean of the whole place. It’s quick, simple, and doing it every week ensures that it’s not a huge undertaking each time.


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Get ready to host

The best way to make a new place feel like home is to fill it with the people who feel like home. It doesn’t have to be anything too big, but invite people over for dinner, have a sibling visit for the weekend, or offer a friend a place to crash after a night out. It’ll help with the loneliness and make the space a place where you can really live, not just exist.

The first apartment is a daunting thing; budgeting, decorating and cooking can make you want to go “nope,” but don’t be afraid. You’re ready to move to a new phase of your life, and ready to make a new home in a new place.

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