Your Quick Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing

According to a Cisco report, online video will account for 82 percent of all web traffic by the year 2020. With this in mind, the time is now to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. Research shows that real estate listings that utilize video marketing receive more inquiries. Numbers don’t lie! But where do you begin? The key to a successful video marketing campaign is knowing what types of video content will connect best with your audience.

What types of video content will connect best with your audience?

There are so many types of videos that could benefit your real estate business, but these three simple content ideas can help get your video marketing off the ground:

The listing video –Running around all day viewing home after home is a thing of the past. Save yourself and your clients time by taking your clients on a virtual journey through your beautiful listings with a complete video tour. Don’t stress, NC REALTOR® partner Aerial Look has all the tools necessary to make this happen. They can work with you to develop top-notch listing videos that will help boost lead generation on your properties. This is the future of real estate!

The testimonial video – Every REALTOR® has a collection of powerful and moving client stories. The deal that worked out at the final hour, the first time homebuyer who settles on their dream home and the list goes on. These stories are just what you need to gain the trust and business of potential clients. Follow-up with past clients and ask for a brief testimonial video or be prepared at closing day to record a quick video of clients sharing their experience. This kind of content can be created simply by using your smartphone and has a long shelf life.

Live stream/Q&A Videos – Interact with your clients! They have questions and you are full of all the right answers they long for. Give your audience the opportunity to get educated on the buying or selling process with a live Q&A session via platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope or Instagram live. Promote on your social media channels what time you will go live so your audience can anticipate your Q&A session. This kind of video content brands you as an expert in the real estate industry.  You are assisting them with a major decision. Clients want to do business with REALTORS® who know all the ins and out of the business.

Now that you know what types of videos to start creating, it’s time to start getting your videos in front of your target audience. Sharing your videos on your company social media channels gives you the flexibility to pair your video messaging with relevant hashtags. You can also categorize your videos into a playlist on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

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