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Great Landscaping Preparations When Putting Your Home on the Market

Curb appeal is the first thing homebuyers see when they arrive to a property. The appearance of the yard is likely to grow into the “untamed stage” if a home has been unoccupied and on the market for some time. For a home that’s going on the market, the best landscape design is the “less is more” approach. Here are some tips for preparing a yard to go on the market.

 Man trimming hedge using strimmer

Trim Trees and Hedges

Now is the time to trim away any lengthy foliage and overgrowth. Make sure there aren’t any vines growing along the house and clean up any loose debris. A well-trimmed yard indicates to potential buyers that the other aspects of the property must also be well-maintained.

Plant Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Many perennials need minimal water and fertilizing, as their roots are more far-ranging than those of annual or biennial plants. Longwood Blue Beards bloom vibrant blue flowers well into the late-season and are deer-resistant. Rosemary lasts through most weather conditions – drought or snow – and provides a pleasant scent to any yard or entranceway.

Mulch and Gravel

For problem areas, such as dead grass or dead bushes, consider trimming away and adding mulch or fresh gravel. A clean strip of mulch or gravel along the walkways and front of the house makes for a nice, clean look. Mulch also helps water go right into the plants that need it, instead of feeding the weeds.

Boxwood Shrub

Potted Plants

Incorporating potted plants allows the aesthetic brought by flowers without the labor-intensive weeding involved with yard maintenance. Flowers and large, green-leaf plants work well for creating a first impression to potential homebuyers. For flowers colors, stick to the seasons – whites and pinks for the spring and summer, yellows and reds for the fall.

A power wash and fresh coat of paint are ideal steps in preparing a home to go on the market, as well, but shouldn’t be the only features that get a touch up. The more appealing the yard and landscaping, the higher the chances will be that the property sells.

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