Hosting the Perfect Pool Party

So you’ve just bought a home with a pool. Or, perhaps you’ve always had a pool, only it’s done nothing for a while except build a collection of dead leaves. Give your pool the attention it deserves by hosting a pool party no one will forget! Keep reading for tips on hosting the perfect pool party this summer.



Once you’ve figured out the guest list, send out attractive pool party invitations a couple of weeks in advance, so that your guests have enough time to plan. You may also want to include a rain date in case the weather might be a factor where you live. There are plenty of websites, like Etsy and Minted, where you can make your own customized invitations and have them delivered the same week.

Happy friends playing with ball inside swimming pool


Cater your guests with food that not only tastes great but stands up well against the forces of time and temperature. A summer pool party should feature eats that are cool and light, with an occasional burger or hotdog in the mix. Think slices of watermelon, or caprese salad, and the more portable the better! Keep the food display in a shaded area if possible and use ice trays to keep food temperatures cool.


Using punch bowls or dispensers is a great way for your guests to serve themselves as much or as little as they’d like – this also prevents you from becoming the permanent bartender of the party. Bright, colorful, and simple is the best route to go. Try tasty recipes like strawberry lemonade with lime, or sangria, which gets better as the time goes by.


There is really no such thing as too many pool floats at a pool party. They are the perfect way to create an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation; and the more hysterical the better! Think unicorns, donuts, and other off-the-wall floats that everyone can enjoy. There are even floats that light up, like the new LED Light Up Giant Swan from Swimline that glows in an array of bright colors.


Geometric topiaries of soft light along the sides of a pool make for an enchanting aesthetic when the sun goes down. To make these, buy bamboo sticks that are six feet tall and stick them into the ground (or secure them on stands) next to the pool. Run a 50-bulb string of lights up and down each one, then stack paper lanterns over each stick; secure the lanterns with tape. If you place these fixtures close to the pool, be sure that you plug the lights into GFCI outlets, and use outdoor-approved extension cords. 

When it comes to pool parties, you don’t have to stick to a certain theme or schedule. Hosting an unforgettable party is all about the atmosphere, aesthetics, and forgetting that you’re the host.

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