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80% of buyers prefer to work with a real estate practitioner who is focused on a particular property type (REALTOR® Magazine, July 2011).

Differentiate yourself from the competition by specializing in niche areas of expertise or networking with others within your career-level or demographic. Whether you’re trying to advance in your career, become the expert in a particular segment of the real estate industry, or learn from like-minded real estate professionals, NC REALTORS® offers multiple specialty areas to meet your needs. Following are NC REALTORS® specialty divisions.

Appraisal SectionMembers Only Content

The Appraisal Section of the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® was founded in 1996 as a state affiliate of the NAR Appraisal Section. The aim of the NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section is to be the leading provider of services to the North Carolina REALTOR® Appraiser.

The NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section is a professional organization drawing members from the more than 1,600 North Carolina REALTORS® who are also licensed appraisers. Membership provides access to the collective wisdom and experience of some of the most respected professional appraisers in North Carolina.

NC REALTORS® Appraisal Section membership can assist you in advancing your professional appraisal career.  Membership will help you distinguish yourself in your community and across the state as a knowledgeable, professional appraiser.

Staff Liaison: Denise Daly


Member Benefits

  • Receive communications via email through NC REALTORS® about upcoming classes, events and meetings
  • Discounts on Continuing Education classes offered by the Appraisal Section and BrightPath Education Services
  • Full-time legislative advocacy through the NC REALTORS® Legislative staff in Raleigh
  • Participation on the Appraisal Section Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to get involved – Participation in three annual Appraisal Section meetings:
    • NC REALTORS® Winter Leadership Meetings
    • NC REALTORS® Legislative Meetings
    • NC REALTORS® Convention & Expo

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REALTORS® Commercial Alliance (RCA)Members Only Content

The primary channel for communication and service delivery for all NC REALTORS® commercial practitioners, the REALTORS® Commercial Alliance (RCA) of NC REALTORS®  provides a vehicle for the improvement of technical skills and networking opportunities. The purpose of RCA is to provide a focal point and channel for communication and service delivery for ALL commercial practitioners of NC REALTORS®, allowing these professionals a specific forum within NC REALTORS®. NC REALTORS® can join at no charge.

Staff LiaisonMichael Landes


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Property Management Division (PMD)Members Only Content

The PMD of NC REALTORS® provides legislative and regulatory, educational, and networking opportunities to North Carolina’s professional property managers. Member benefits include educational meetings, legislative participation, the Property Management Legal Handbook, and statewide professional contacts. View our brochure.

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Staff Liaison: Amy Kemp




Member Benefits

  • Educational Meetings: PMD offers classes across the state throughout the year. PMD members pay a reduced registration fee to attend, while non-members are charged a higher fee per class.
  • Legislative Participation: NC REALTORS® employs a full-time legislative lobbyist to represent the professional interests of REALTORS® in state government. Through membership in PMD, you gain access to our lawmakers and can have input in the direction of new real estate legislation.
  • Property Management Legal Handbook: The Property Management Legal Handbook is a basic summary of laws regulating and affecting the management of rental property in North Carolina. All PMD members receive the latest revised edition of the Handbook, and all current members are sent revisions, as they occur. Ask any current PMD member and you will hear that this is their most valuable daily tool
  • Statewide Professional Networking: Through PMD membership, you’ll become acquainted with property managers across the state, benefit from business referrals, and develop an informal network of professionals with whom you can discuss specific problems, ask questions and share ideas.

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North Carolina Vacation Rental Managers Association (NCVRMA)

The North Carolina Vacation Rental Managers Association (NCVRMA) is designed for management companies and their affiliates who specialize in vacation rental management. The organization was formed to promote the vacation rental business in the state to the public as well as to professionals employed in the travel and related businesses.

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North Carolina Young Professionals Network (YPN)Members Only Content

The next generation of real estate leaders, YPN, allows you to connect with other young real estate professionals to learn about events and resources to expand your business potential. This division is a growing group of career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest tools, resources and networking opportunities by attending conferences and pursuing leadership roles within their local and state associations. As a member of NC REALTORS® YPN, you are invited to exclusive education and networking events.

Membership is geared toward individuals who want to take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues and be informed about the latest industry news and trends through networking and interacting with one another. It is a way of uniting young professionals throughout the state while setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism.

Staff Liaison: Mckenzie Allen

Member Benefits

  • Getting involved. Many people who are new to the industry want to get involved with their local, state or national association, but they either don’t know how to go about it, or they find it too intimidating. YPN encourages members to explore leadership opportunities at all levels.
  • Having a sounding board. By belonging to a network of peers who face similar issues, members can bounce ideas off one another and provide support to each other.
  • Being informed. Through the blog on the YPN national site, members stay in the loop on hot issues. YPN also has special educational sessions at REALTOR® conferences that address strategies for success in real estate

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Who to Contact
  • Sarah Small headshot Sarah Nardi
    Events Manager
    (336) 808-4232 x232
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    Contact Sarah Nardi for help with: NC REALTORS® Events, Convention Committee, NC REALTORS® Young Professionals Network.

  • Amy Kemp headshot Amy Kemp
    Member Engagement Assistant
    (336) 217-1045 x145
    Email »

    Contact Amy Kemp for help with: NC REALTORS® Events, Property Management Division (PMD).

  • Mckenzie Allen image Mckenzie Allen
    Vice President of Communications & Marketing
    (336) 808-4227 x227
    Email »

    Contact Mckenzie Allen for help with: Member communications, NC REALTORS® marketing initiatives, Editorial content of Insight magazine, NC REALTORS® Young Professionals Network, Image Committee.

  • Denise Daly, Membership Manager Denise Daly
    Operations Coordinator
    (336) 808-4223 x223
    Email »

    Contact Denise Daly for help with: Association Executives Committee, Vacation Rental Managers Association, Appraisal Section.

  • Michael Landes headshot Michael Landes
    Director of Political Operations
    (919) 573-0984 x384
    Email »

    Contact Michael Landes for help with: NC Homeowners Alliance, Independent Expenditure campaigns, Broker Involvement Program, Economic development, REALTORS® Commercial Alliance, Economic Development Committee, Global Network, Issues Mobilization.

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