Lincoln County Water Lines

William Bradford, Shared & Regional GAD, South Central NC

“After selling a house to a client, an agent discovered that the neighbors all had filtration systems and the water was being monitored. The area was near an old lithium mine, and the byproduct is arsenic. The county then decided to stop the free monitoring, so one of our affiliates provided free testing and determined that the arsenic levels were high.

The agent approached the County Commissioners about extending the water line but had no luck. Thankfully, our GAD William Bradford came in with information to request a grant to help fund the water line extension. After working with the county, the Lincoln County Board of REALTORS® successfully obtained a grant of $1.2 Million for the extension of the water lines to residents in that area (about 30 homes).”

-Marsha Jordan, Lincoln County Board of REALTORS®

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