National Women’s History Month Spotlight: Brooke Cashion

Celebrating Brooke Cashion for National Women's History Month

What leadership roles do/did you hold in the real estate industry?

Current President of the Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®
Chairperson of RPAC and REALTOR® Party
Board of Directors WSRAR

What leadership roles do/did you hold in NC REALTORS®?

Graduate of the Leadership Academy, 2007
Board of Directors

What is your role in the industry today?


What is your role in NC REALTORS® today?

Active leadership role

What years were you active in the industry?


What years were you active in NC REALTORS®?


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in the industry?

Raising funds for RPAC to combat the overreach of our state and national legislature as it relates to taxation, private property rights and economic development.

What were the greatest challenges you faced in the industry?

Expenses for health care as a 1099 employee, lack of professionalism (education, full-time status, etc) among other REALTORS®/licensees, dissemination of information among a variety of platforms and keeping info up-to-date and relevant.

What were the greatest challenges you faced as an NC REALTOR®?

Finding the best way to become involved. I was lucky to have members in our WSRAR that were willing to identify my willingness to serve and mentor me. However, I am sure that is not the case statewide and in every association. I still find it challenging at times to know where I belong on the state level — lots of layers, moving parts and overlapping pieces.

Have you been inspired by other NC REALTOR® women throughout the years? Please name them here and briefly describe how they have impacted you, the industry or the association.

Ferrell Clay is my original mentor and inspiration. I saw her receive REALTOR® of the Year in my early years in the business. She was such an inspiration. Smart, no nonsense, educated and could hold her own in any conversation…definitely not a shrinking violet in our political affairs committee, which at the time, was still dominated by men. Since then, our Allen Tate president, Phyllis Brookshire has been a great mentor as well.

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