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Communicating Your Value Proposition


On a recent RE-defined podcast, Government Affairs Director Nick Scarci and Nicole Arnold sat down to discuss the self-help book “Start with Why”  by sought-after TED-x speaker Simon Sinek. The book describes how business leaders can gain authenticity through a focus on their purpose.

Sinek encourages businesses to put aside short-term motivators because they do not inspire loyalty. Rather true market leaders build long-term client loyalty by forming strategies that advance their purpose or the “why.” According to the book, business owners should examine their entire operation and find metrics that measure how the company advances its why.

These strategies aptly describe the practice of real estate brokerage our members engage in every day. To bring real-world context to Sinek’s advice, Nicole interviewed several REALTORS® who demonstrate market leadership in individual ways.

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InsightMay2020_StartwithWhyLolitaMalaveLolita Malave

What’s the “why” of your real estate practice, or in more common terms, what’s your value proposition?
To make a difference in people’s lives, by being relevant, passionate and delivering the best service possible.

What is one unique way you communicate your value proposition to clients?
This is part of our “Why Walls” in each branch. We remind our brokers of our value proposition constantly, and we practice what we preach.

How do you build loyalty into your customer base?
Through providing professional service before, during and after a transaction. We mind what we say in public—keep our personal opinions private and play well with others.


InsightMay2020_StartwithWhyBrookeCashionBrooke Cashion

Near the beginning of a relationship or potential transaction, how do you know whether your client understands and appreciates your authentic brand of service?
I believe that our client can see that our confidence is the result of success and that our success is a result of knowing where to get answers and how to solve problems—I believe in GRIT!

How do you and your company keep this “why” before your clients and customer base?
Regular social media posts, a monthly online newsletter, vlogs to our sphere and billboards.

How do you communicate the values of your real estate practice to clients?
Examples, testimonials or anecdotes. We find our clients can relate more easily and begin to understand what we can bring to the table if they are in a format they can understand. We also rely heavily on referrals who are typically the best communicators of what we bring to the table.

How do you delegate some implementation of your company’s why (or vision) to others? How do you train your team to catch your vision?
Our office manager and real estate assistant keeps the portion of our vision that relates to efficiencies and systems. Our CEO takes the messaging portion to the client through social media and business development. Our REALTORS® and myself implement our vision through our interaction in the community, interaction with REALTOR® colleagues and how we conduct and present ourselves.


InsightMay2020_StartwithWhyMarkSaundersMark Saunders

How does your mission influence your value proposition?
Our company values and mission statement follow the word TEACH which stands for Teamwork, Education, Accountability, Community and Hope. That is the framework for everything we do.

How do you explain quickly and effectively to potential customers that you deliver quality?
We let our past clients tell potential customers about us. Eighty-two percent of consumers read online reviews for a local business. My firm currently has 64 five-star reviews on Google and over 60 five-star reviews on Zillow. We now have a 100 percent five-star ranking. We use those reviews in all kinds of marketing. Social proof is compelling. (February 2020)

How has the role of REALTOR® changed while you have been in the profession? How do you shape your “why” and “how” around this role?
Five to ten years ago we were the gatekeepers to properties, but now we are the knowledge brokers for our clients. We bring a depth of knowledge and technology to a transaction. [This makes] it as streamlined and smooth for our client as possible. I tell new clients all the time, “I want you to feel like you could get your real estate license because you have been so informed and truly understand all the forms you signed and actions you took through the process.”

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