Agency Agreement Renewal and/or Amendment Form

Dear Forms Guy, I’ve got a listing that’s going to expire tomorrow. The seller wants to renew the listing and drop the sales price. My question is, what in the world has  happened to the form we use to renew or amend the listing agreement? I’ve been looking for it on your Web site and in my forms software, and I can’t find it anywhere. If I  don’t get this taken care of before the listing expires, I’ll have to get a whole new listing agreement signed! Sincerely, Frosted

Dear Frosty, Chill dude. Form no. 710, Agency Agreement Renewal And/Or Amendment, is the form you’re looking for. The old form (no. 102) was amended so that it can be  used to extend and modify other types of agency agreements, not just listing agreements. Since it’s no longer only a “seller initiated” form, we took it out of the 100 series of  forms and put it in the 700 series, “Miscellaneous Forms.” And just so you know, the form also makes it clear that it can be used to extend an agency agreement that has  already expired. In other words, you don’t have to get a new listing agreement signed just because the expiration date on the original agreement has come and gone.  Sincerely, Forms Guy

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