Can I give a blank form to one of my friends?

QUESTION: One of my good friends has reached a verbal agreement to buy a house from an unrepresented seller. She asked me if I could send her a blank version of the standard contract form that I typically use in a residential transaction. Is it OK for me to email her a copy of the Offer to Purchase and Contract (form 2-T)?

ANSWER: The answer is no. What may be surprising is that the answer does not change even if your friend is a client. The reason is that giving a blank standard form to your friend would be a violation of NCR’s forms policy.

Paragraph 4 of the forms policy identifies the purposes for which standard forms may be used. It reads in part: “Permitted users may use NC REALTORS®’ standard forms in connection with a transaction in which the permitted user is involved as a broker or a principal. Permitted users may not distribute blank NC REALTORS®’ forms to clients, customers or others, either gratuitously or for a fee, except that they may distribute specimen copies of any NC REALTORS® form to their clients or customers for review purposes.” Specimen, or “Sample” copies of all NCR forms are available for review or printing by NCR members on the NCR website.

Who are permitted users? According to Paragraph 1 of the forms policy, they are REALTOR®, Affiliate, and Allied members of NC REALTORS®; REALTORS® from other states (upon satisfactory proof of membership); and non-member sales associates of REALTOR® member firms. In addition, paragraph 1states that members in good standing of the North Carolina State Bar may use NCR’s “transactional” forms (the forms having the letter “T” after the form number).

The forms policy also addresses other issues relating to the proper use of NCR forms, including limitations on making revisions to forms, reproduction of forms, the grace period for using forms that have been updated, and the licensing of forms to member firms. The forms policy is available on the NC REALTORS® website (click here).

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