Who should sign the Additional Signatures Addendum?

QUESTION: I have a listing on property owned by three brothers and their wives. We recently received an offer on that property and my clients want to accept it. Form 2-T has two signature lines for sellers to sign and two of the brothers have signed on those lines. In addition, I checked the box in paragraph 15 of Form 2-T to indicate that the Additional Signatures Addendum (Form 3-T) is a part of the contract. The third brother and all three of the wives have signed Form 3-T. But do the two brothers who signed the contract also have to sign Form 3-T? And do the buyers need to sign Form 3-T as well?

ANSWER:  While there is certainly no harm in having all parties sign the Additional Signatures Addendum, that practice is not required. The “Signatures” paragraph of the Guidelines for Completing Additional Signatures Addendum (Standard Form 3-G) states as follows: “The parties identified on the form to which the Addendum is attached do not need to be identified on the Addendum, and likewise, the parties identified on the Addendum do not also need to be identified on the form to which the Addendum is attached.”

If there are multiple addenda identified in paragraph 15 as being part of the contract, only one Additional Signatures Addendum must be signed. In other words, it is not necessary to attach a separate Additional Signatures Addendum to each of the other addenda to the contract.

Release Date: 9/21/2017; revised 9/26/2017; 12/28/2021

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