Six DIY Decor Ideas Using Fall Leaves

Don’t think of the fall as that time of year when you have to do a lot of raking. Rather, consider it a free bounty of nature’s décor, generously splayed across your yard for the taking! Check out these easy DIY décor ideas that will have your home looking cozy and festive.



Autumn leaves are a natural work of art – why not frame them? Flatten an array of different colored leaves by pressing them between heavy books. Display them on the mantle or on your office desk, using bold black frames with white backgrounds.

Autumn Leaves in vase


Place an autumn-themed bowl or plate in the center of your dining room table or on the console table in your entryway. Fill it with dry leaves, acorns and candles for an elegant centerpiece. Be sure to use electric candles, which are safer around dry leaves than regular candles.

Glass Hurricane

Why go out and buy an expensive glass hurricane, when you can go to the dollar store and make one yourself? All you need is a glass vase, glass candlestick, and a white candle. Superglue the glass candlestick to the base of the vase, and place the candle inside. Then fill the bottom with a mixture of beautiful fall leaves.

Autumn Wreath

Make your front door explode with beautiful fall colors. All you need is a wicker wreath, a hot glue gun and an assortment of fall leaves. Spread leaves out and used different, contrasting colors when affixing them onto the wicker wreath.

Leaf Bouquets

Clip branches with orange and yellow foliage, and place them in a tall vase. A leaf bouquets work great for coffee table displays and mantle pieces.

Leaf Printed Linens

All you need is paint, a paint roller, newspaper, leaves, and linen. It’s best to use three or more different shaped leaves to create a contrasting leaf pattern. Place leaf vein-side up and apply paint roller. Then, place the leaf on the cloth and apply pressure. Repeat until complete! You can also add extra paint marks with a round sponge for contrast.

The great part about fall decorating is that nature provides most of the work! It’s just a matter of combining beautiful fall leaves into an assemblage that accents your home.

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