Steps Towards a Great Looking Deck

Summer is the best season for grilling out and gathering with friends and family. That’s why it’s important to make sure your back deck is looking its best! A poorly maintained deck can be an eyesore and a hazard. Follow these simple steps to get your deck looking brand new this summer.

Painter using sponge applicator to apply stain to deck.

Out with the Old

Before beginning any cosmetics, check the surface and underneath your deck, as well as in between the boards, for rotting or split wood. Wood rot usually spreads in areas that are not in plain sight. For any rotted or split boards, simply remove the nails and replace the board with a new one. You don’t want to clean and paint your deck first, only to realize that there are a few boards that need replacing.

Nail Removal

After you’ve replaced any damaged boards, your next step is to look for exposed screws or nails. Use a hammer to pry the nail out and replace it with a nail the same size. You can hammer the new nail back in and insert a deck screw on top, to keep it from popping back out in the future.

Clean Up

Use a broom to sweep off the surface. Then, using a putty knife, clean out the debris in between the boards – leaves will often fall into crevices and rot, causing the boards to rot as well. After this, give your deck a rinse and use a scrub brush to get out any remaining dirt or mold. Let the deck dry overnight. Once your deck is dry, give it a good sanding.

Seal and Stain

Sealing your deck makes it look newer and protects it against water and sunlight. To apply a waterproof deck sealer, use either a pad or a foam roller, and be sure to go over the entire surface. Apply the stain the following day. Use a roller to apply two coats of stain without forming puddles as you go. You can also use a spray stain, but make sure nearby plants and furniture are covered.

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque or selling your house, a good looking deck can make all the difference. Deck maintenance is a great chore to add to your summer upkeep list and should be done every two to three years.

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