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Mobile Mondays: Top 5 Legal Hotline Questions from 2021

This crazy and heated market leaves NC REALTORS® like you with a lot of legal questions. Will Martin, NC REALTORS® General Counsel shares the Top 5 Legal Hotline Questions that his team has received throughout 2021. Watch the replay in Mobile Mondays Facebook Group.

QUESTION #1- Is it okay to use a non-standard addendum, for example, an appraisal addendum, with the Offer to Purchase and Contract?

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QUESTION #2: What are the duties of a listing broker whose seller tells them that the seller has decided not to sell their property after it has gone under contract?

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QUESTION #3: May a broker represent two buyers who are interested in making offers on the same property?

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QUESTION #4: Can a broker whose license is not on provisional status be paid a commission by someone other than a broker-in-charge?

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QUESTION #5:Must a broker who is managing a rental property demand that the tenant surrender possession of the property before fling an eviction action against the tenant?

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