Can a provisional broker on a team have two BICs?

QUESTION: One of my provisional brokers wants to join a team, but the team has its own broker-in-charge and a separate office. Can my PB join the team and have more than one BIC?

ANSWER: Your PB cannot have more than one BIC in this situation. Rule .0506(a) of the License Law states:

A provisional broker shall be supervised by only one broker-in-charge at a time except that a provisional broker may be supervised by no more than two brokers-in-charge of two licensed affiliated firms located in the same physical location and acting as co-listing or co-selling agents in real estate transactions. When a provisional broker is supervised by more than one broker-in-charge, both brokers-in-charge shall bear all supervision responsibility at all times.

Because the team in your situation has a separate office, your PB can only be affiliated with one firm and be supervised by one BIC. Your PB can join the team, but they will need to unaffiliate with your firm and affiliate with the team to do so.

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