Use Correct Name of Firm in Advertising

QUESTION: My name is Harold Bean I am the owner of Harold Bean Realty, Inc. I’m getting ready to replace all my yard signs. I would like to put “Bean Realty” on the signs.  Would that be okay?

ANSWER: Standard of Practice 12-5 of the REALTOR Code of Ethics requires REALTORS to disclose the name of the REALTOR’s firm when advertising real estate services or listed property in any medium. The NC Real Estate Commission also generally expects licenses to do business in the same name as the name on the licensee’s real  estate license. Since the legal name of your firm is “Harold Bean Realty, Inc.”, that’s the name you should use on your signs. Having said that, it would be permissible for you  to register the name “Bean Realty” as an assumed name in the Register of Deeds office in the county where you do your brokerage business. You could then do business  under the name “Bean Realty,” including advertising on your yard signs. If you decide to do business under an assumed name, you should notify the Real Estate Commission of that fact.

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