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Connie Corey, the 2023 RPAC Trustees Chair and Chair of the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board has served as a Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) since 2005.  Since that time, she’s had four Members of Congress assigned to her. She is currently the FPC for Congressman Don Davis. This is a full circle moment for Connie because she was his State Political Coordinator when he served in the NC General Assembly. Click here to see a photo of then Senator Don Davis presenting Connie with the prestigious Order of the Long Leaf Pine, the state’s highest civilian award.

What led to Connie’s Decision to serve as a Federal Political Coordinator?
Connie’s foray into the FPC world was an accident. Former NCR President Danny Brock was looking for someone who was actively engaged to serve as a contact for long-term Congressman G.K. Butterfield so after being introduced to him and meeting his staff during a DC visit, Connie quickly transitioned into the role of his FPC.

Her assignment did not stop with Congressman Butterfield. Connie served as SPC to State Representative Greg Murphy prior to him becoming a Member of Congress so after his election the next logical step was becoming his FPC. This is quite an accomplishment and speaks to Connie’s dedication to the FPC program by becoming the only REALTOR® to be assigned two sitting Congressmen.

What does Connie enjoy most about being a Federal Political Coordinator?
When asked what she enjoys most about her role as an FPC, the answer was very clear, the relationships.  Connie explained that it’s not just building a relationship with your Member of Congress but with staff and in particular the in-district staff. She is honored that her assigned members reach out to her about issues of importance to the real estate industry or to their district. As an added bonus, Connie admits that it’s rather exciting to have the personal cell numbers of Members of Congress!

What advice does Connie offer to members interested in the FPC program?
Having an established relationship with a Member of Congress certainly helps. However, a great starting point is to know the issues and understand NAR’s position on them. Make an effort to stay informed and keep abreast of federal policy issues.

Know the issues.  Know where NAR stands.  Stay informed and updated.  If you have a relationship/friendship already, makes it easier.

What is a Contact Team member and how can you become one?
Contact Team representatives are REALTOR® members identified by each FPC who reside in the district and can assist with FPC duties.  Duties can range from participating in CFAs, delivering checks and facilitating meetings. The FPC maintains regular communication with the team on NAR advocacy issues. As an added bonus, Contact Members are given additional consideration in becoming a possible replacement for the FPC if that person steps down from their role.

Connie explained the importance of having a Contact Team in place especially while assigned to Congressmen with different district needs. Congressman Murphy’s district has coastal, military and mainland issues while the district Congressman Davis serves has issues that are more rural. She explains that developing a team requires REALTOR® members that are engaged in their local government affairs and are available to attend in-district events. Connie truly appreciates that she has amazing Contact Team members who are always willing to help.

Has Connie experienced any advocacy success as a result of being engaged at the federal level?
Yes, since serving in the role of FPC she has successfully worked to help expand broadband and secure affordable housing and housing funding initiatives.

Does Connie have any special or rewarding memories that extend beyond advocacy work?
Connie has many fond memories that she has experienced over the years.  Congressman Murphy is a Republican and former Congressman Butterfield is a Democrat. She believed they should get to know each other and felt they would discover that they had more in common on issues than they likely realized. After Congressman Murphy was elected, the two met for breakfast and to this day still enjoy a friendship.

Another touching moment is when former Congressman Walter Jones was in failing health and unable to travel to Washington, DC for his swearing in. Congressman Butterfield traveled to his home in Farmville and did the swearing-in ceremony in his living room. After Congressman Jones’ death, Congressmen Murphy and Butterfield were instrumental in helping to secure the naming of the Farmville Post Office building in honor of him.

Connie considers it an absolute pleasure to be friends with two great Congressmen who know how to successfully work across the aisle and focus on the greater good.

Want to learn more about your Federal Political Coordinators? Stayed tuned to future Advocates. Throughout 2023 we will feature profiles of the current FPCs, discuss their role as an FPC and learn more about their relationship building with their Member of Congress.

Please contact Kristin Nash if you have any questions about the Federal Political Coordinator Program.

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