Federal Political Coordinator Profile: Scott Barfield

Scott Barfield headshot

Scott Barfield, a new Federal Political Coordinator (FPC), was motivated to serve as an FPC because he wanted to give back to the real estate industry. As an FPC, he is able to help protect the real estate industry at the federal level.

What he is enjoying most about his new role is the learning experience, traveling to Washington, DC and having the opportunity to meet exciting people like DC staffers.

For anyone wanting to get involved he recommends becoming engaged with your local association. If you would like a deeper engagement as a Contact Team Member, then reach out to your FPC, offer your assistance and attend NAR Legislative Meetings.

Scott has learned many lessons about federal engagement but what surprised him is the extremely busy schedule that Congressional Members have, it is nonstop meetings throughout the day. He has also learned how important it is to be respectful to staff.

As fun as it is to attend the NAR Legislative Meetings, Scott prefers visiting his Member of Congress in-district because it is not the same hectic pace as you experience in DC.

While Scott does not yet have a list of fond memories to share, he considers attending the FPC Academy as his most memorable experience so far.

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